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At The Chambers of Evans Ufeli , we focus on core ares of practices such as:


Civil and Criminal Litigation

Civil and criminal litigation as the two major general aspects of law is our concentration at The Chambers of Evans Ufeli. We recognize that every area of legal practice stems from these two areas. That specialization is not possible without first subjecting yourself to the general knowledge of the aforementioned area of law.

Our mandate therefore is to serve our clients diligently bearing in mind that client satisfaction, value-driven objectives and result-oriented delivery supersedes every other consideration in our firm. We have offered the aforementioned policy to our clients right from inception and the results have been phenomenal.


We offer same to you. Let’s help you through your civil and criminal litigation challenges where we bring our experience and competence to bare and deliver excellent legal services to you at the most professional valued and results-oriented expression.


Tax Consulting

Public finance system is the whole process that deals with how governments raise revenue, draws budgets and distributes its income in the execution of its budgets.

We examine public and company’s finance efficiency and help our clients to ensure their books are right for an effective tax compliance culture. The impact of our services to our clients is to ensure tax compliance culture, as well as to drive compliance to other regulations of the Nigerian law.

It is one thing to impose tax, another thing is for citizens to comply with the payment schedule. There arises a problem in ensuring tax compliance not only in Nigeria but across some other underdeveloped countries and we examine the impact of accountability and efficiency in the public, private and corporate finance system on tax compliance culture in Nigeria.

 The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) tax auditors educate tax-payers; enforcing fines and penalties; provision of tax incentives; and considering the level of actual income of tax-payers will improve tax compliance.


Facility Management

 We are a leading firm in facility managers in Nigeria. The property practice department of our firm is charged with the responsibilities of getting you the best luxury apartments, contract management, ensuring that facilities meet compliance standards and government regulations as well as drafting maintenance reports.


Company Law

We also offer legal services in company law and corporate matters. We offer legal services ranging from preparation of the appropriate legal documents for trial or court proceedings as well as evaluation of new business partnerships with vendors and sub-contractors. We also represent the client company in legal proceedings.


Maritime Law

We offer legal services in various aspects of maritime law, particularly; we offer legal services as regards nautical matters like shipping or any maritime activity carried out on open waters.


Energy Resources Law

We also specialize in energy resources law wherein we negotiate and draft industry commercial agreements, litigation and dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation, oil and gas tax advisory.


Secured Credit Transactions

We also offer services on secured credit transactions based on real securities like mortgage, charge, lien, pledge etc, where some of of the legal requirements are recognition of parties in law, legal capacity of parties, and validity of Agreement and reliability of security.


Election Petition

We are also adept in management of election petition matters which is sui generis and governed by its own distinct body called the election tribunal.

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